As information communications technology rapidly advances, the language of communication is becoming more and more individualized. Each message must be tailored to a specific audience, whether that consists of a few people or an entire organization. Conventional mass media has its role but so does the internet and social media.
Our name is a combination of "Inter" (a go-between for various entities) and "Literacy" (articulate expressions).
We utilize these capabilities to ensure that clear communication has been achieved. That is our entire focus.


Power Communication
Identify "what needs to be communicated"
Use advanced technology to determine "how best to communicate"
Implement "communication and dialogue"
Powerful communication moves consumers, companies, and markets.
Why does our communication sometimes fail?

Being in sync, reading another's face, reading another's thoughts. A significant part of any spoken message is actually "felt" by the recipient. Such harmony among Japanese who share a common cultural background often leads to good communication, but we can no longer cling to the myth that everyone in Japan shares exactly the same values and perspectives. Our society is becoming more diverse, our consumers more stratified, and our communities more dispersed. At INTERLITERACY, we use our experience of living in Japan and abroad to propose solutions to the communications challenges that confront Japanese companies.

"What is communicated" is more important than "how it is delivered."

In the past, the communications business was an information transmission service that focused on "delivering" a message. However, there is a difference between delivering a message and having that message understood, which requires the consent of the recipient. Our job at INTERLITERACY is to work with our clients to select "the message" from among the vast amount of information available, to fine-tune that message, and to ensure it is received by the target audience.

How to solve communications problems
Is your company compartmentalized and bureaucratic? Do your product explanations read like textbooks? Have your brand building efforts been unsuccessful? These may be unrelated problems, but they are all problems that we've helped clients to solve through clear communication. It is a tool that can improve inter-departmental cooperation, engage end users, and increase brand equity, all of which increase the value of your company. Our network of industry, government, and academic professionals provides consulting, design, and implementation services that marshal a wide range of communication techniques to solve these problems.

We accurately identify and analyze your needs, and then offer you a wide range of services, from consulting on marketing, to planning, production and implementation. We understand the accelerating pace of globalization of both Japanese and foreign companies, and we offer solutions that are optimized to improve corporate value.

Visual Creation

INTERLITERACY's creative services cover both digital media (websites, photographs and video) and print media (pamphlets and catalogs.) Our innovative and iconoclastic creations are designed to improve your brand image.


We support both Japanese companies expanding into international markets, and international companies expanding into Japan. Our extensive network and excellent problem-solving skills facilitate and improve your communications with other cultures. We also provide matchmaking services for businesses in Japan and the United States tailor-made to your products and services.


Based in Tokyo, INTERLITERACY is a company that doesn't fit the ordinary standards.
We are a source of ideas and creative services for our clients in Japan and other countries.


March 23, 2007
Head Office
408, 1-25-5, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053 Japan
TEL : +81-3-6868-5624  FAX : +81-3-6868-5628
Board Member
Daisuke Sugiyama | Founder / MBA / Business Producer
Fumihiko Saito (OPT Law Office)
Identification and solution of communications issues, creation and customization of cross-functional execution strategies
16,000,000 yen
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFG,Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank,Ltd.
2004: Began as the Visual Creation Unit of Creating Communications YK
2007: Established INTERLITERACY Inc. in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo to serve expanding business
2010: Relocated office due to business expansion

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408, 1-25-5, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053 Japan